Saturday, 11 January 2014

Festival of Sydney 2014

We're back home in Sydney after a wonderful WA holiday. 
And a week at work and it already feels like "holiday? what holiday?"

However, January in Sydney is party time.

Each year the city hosts a month long summer holiday festival creatively called The Sydney Festival.
There are free events, family events, exhibitions, shows, music, opera, circuses & fireworks.

One of the returning events this year is from the Architects of the Air.
Two years ago they came here with their Mirazozo creation (below).

We loved the colours, the use of space and the calm this created in all of us in the middle of a busy, bustling area (the forecourt of the Opera House). Two years ago the boys felt they may have been too old to do something like this, but once we got inside, they loved it - wholeheartedly.

In fact, we all remembered it so fondly, that no-one even breathed a word about being too old, 2 years later, when I mentioned that it was coming back this year.

This year, it's called Exxopolis (click here for worldwide touring dates).

And this is what it looks like on the inside (complete with sock fight at the end!! Cause you're never too old for a sock fight with dad!)


  1. We went to that one two years ago (my boys had been inside a different one in Dublin before that, and loved it). I won't get there this year, so it's nice to get a glimpse inside for this year. I'm sure you'll get to enjoy lots of other great summer events with the festival.

    1. We're off to The Band of Magicians tonight in Parramatta. Hope to see the rubber duckie out there too as I missed it last year in Darling Harbour :-)

  2. Wow! What a fascinating experience that must have been. Have a great weekend, Brona!

  3. That is incredible! Such vibrant colours. My Snapshot is at

  4. Wow! Amazing colors. You are fortunate to have the opportunity to experience such events. Do I sound a bit envious? I might be!!

  5. Gorgeous and surreal! Thanks for wouldn't get old. Here's MY SATURDAY SNAPSHOT POST

  6. Wow! That is just supremely cool!

  7. I would love to be inside those colors. Great discovery. Here's Mine

  8. Wow, that looks very cool. Would love to see that exhibit.

    The Sydney Festival sounds great!

  9. Those colours are amazing. Looks a lot of fun.

  10. Love the splash of colours!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Here is my snapshot post.

  11. Wow! The colors are really amazing.

    Joy's Book Blog

  12. I hope that comes to Chicago one of these days. I would love to experience those colors.


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