Saturday, 4 January 2014

Saturday Snapshot - WA

A few more quick pics from Western Australia again this week.

I've included some panorama shots that might be viewed best by clicking on them to open them up on a full screen.

We've spent the whole time down south around the Margaret River and Denmark area.
It's beautiful. Windy, but beautiful!

Elephant Rocks near Denmark

A Red Tingle tree at the Tree Top Walk
Mr Seasons climbing the Bicentennial Tree near Pemberton.
He made it to the first platform about 60m off the ground!

 Me climbing the Gloucester Tree the next day, but I only went up about 10m!

And Mr Seasons panorama shot from the very top of the Gloucester Tree!

Where the Southern Ocean meets the Indian Ocean at Cape Leeuwin.
Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse collage.

The end of Busselton Jetty (& the Indian Ocean) - a 1.8km walk from ship to shore.

Sunset over Sugarloaf Rock near Dunsborough

And a few more WA wildflower (Instagram) collages to finish up with.

This post is part of Saturday Snapshot hosted by Melinda at West Metro Mommy.


  1. Wow, such a gorgeous sequence of photos Brona. You were very brave climbing that tree! It's so strange to see the sun setting over water isn't it? I love your kangaroo paw shots too- I don't think I've ever seen a pink one like that. Beautiful. I hope you had a great holiday- it certainly looks amazing.

  2. Awesome photographs! I am suitably imressed! Thanks for sharing!!

    Here is my snapshot post.

  3. Is it really called a tingle tree? You have such incredibly colourful wildlife and plants in Australia, and it all seems to have wonderful names. Happy New Year. My Snapshot is at

  4. Your panoramic shots are breathtaking. I would love to visit Australia to see such a different world. Here's Mine

  5. Amazing shots! What a wonderful tip!

  6. Those pictures made me feel a little warmer! I'm glad summer exists somewhere. Lovely.

  7. Your photos are always awesome. Love the panoramic shot of the tree tops. Also the flower collages! They are so beautiful.

  8. Gorgeous photos! Y'all were brave to climb that tree - I wouldn't have even tried it.

  9. You win for having to most varied and beautiful pictures of the day. Lovely. I do so want to visit Australia!

    Anne's Saturday Snapshots

  10. What beautiful pictures, I want to be in that water near Elephant Rocks! And the Sugarloaf Rock pic too- the shore looks so rocky and wild there, very nice!

  11. What a great vacation you must have had! Your photos are beautiful. I love the lighthouse and ocean shots the most!

  12. Wow! Stunning series of shots ... the wildflowers are just gorgeous ... and that sunset shot over Sugarloaf Rock is like a postcard! What a dream vacation! Maybe someday I'll make down under ... sigh!

  13. Thanks for these! A great virtual warm-up on a day when I'm looking out at snow falling!

    Joy's Book Blog

  14. Wow... what beautiful photos these are, esp. the flowers! Thanks for sharing. I know we live in very different worlds indeed. ;)


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