Saturday, 22 August 2015

Canberra in July

Remember me? 

You wouldn't believe how crazy, busy, chaotic our lives have been these past few months.

With one junior season studying for his HSC and both junior seasons heavily involved in their soccer (we have had club games, school games, State Cup, Kanga Cup and now most likely Champion of Champions) to keep us busy every weekend since way back in February some time!
On top of our usual work and social commitments we have also had to move house recently.

Something had to give.
And one of the first things to go was blogging at Four Seasons.
But fortunately, one of the things NOT to go was my desire to take photographs! 

So we have a bit of backlog to get through.

Today's post is some photo's I took in Canberra when we were there for Kanga Cup in the July school holidays.

Lots of cold, foggy, frosty mornings to wake us up properly!

Telstra Tower on top of Black Mountain

The Observation deck offers great panaroma's of Canberra and Lake Burley Griffin.'s

Although it was rather cold out there!

An early morning frosty game

Mr Seasons and I managed to fit in an afternoon at the War Memorial

During last year's visit, the WWI rooms were closed for renovation. They are now open again.

I have always found the diorama's to be powerful expressions of a moment in time. I'm glad they kept them.

The new area is far more interactive to keep younger folk interested.

The rain held off until the last day.

This post is part of Saturday Snapshot


  1. Welcome back Brona, I made a return today too after a bit of a break. Lovely photos, of course I know Canberra very well, we lived there for 2 years, and have visited frequently since. I haven't had a chance to see the new WWI section at the War Memorial thought, I must make time sometime soon to go see that. BTW I always love photos of Sydneysiders when they go somewhere actually cold!

    1. Ba ha!! I know I used to do the same. But now I've lived in Sydney 8 yrs I've acclimatised. I also seem to be feeling the cold more and more as I get older!

  2. Beautiful photos! The first one is like a movie still, so atmospheric. Thanks for sharing with us your visual journalling. Welcome back to Sat. Snapshot.

  3. Hi,
    Great shots. Have a great day!

  4. Great shots! Wow, you have been busy...moving house, too. Hope you're all settled now.

    Thanks for sharing...and here's MY SATURDAY SNAPSHOT POST

  5. We went to a WWI museum in Kansas City a couple of years ago and were entranced. In the US, that war gets much less coverage than WWII so we had a lot to learn!

  6. You always take such gorgeous photos, Brona! At first, I thought the first one was a B&W - you really captured the misty. foggy morning! I like the last one a lot, too - hard to capture rain on film. Looks like you have enjoyed some nice travels.


    Book By Book

    1. Thanks Sue.
      The first one of the stand of gum trees was the view outside our cabin window all week and the last one I snapped through the side window of the car as we were driving home past one of the soccer fields.

  7. Brona, These are some amazing photos. The sky in the 2nd and 3rd picture is so intense. I also love the soccer photo with the sun shining from behind the kids. Glad you had time to blog.


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