Saturday, 12 April 2014

Inside the QVB

A few weeks ago I posted some photos of the QVB from the outside.
This week, here are some inside shots of the Queen Victoria Building.
I thought it was appropriate to go with a royal theme since the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge and baby Prince George will be in Sydney this week.

The first three photos were taken at Christmas time. The giant Christmas tree fills the entire space leading up to the central dome. It's hard to get a photo of the whole thing.

The top floor has several cafes - it's a great place to people watch.

"Two mechanical clocks, each one featuring dioramas and moving figures from moments in history, can be seen from the adjacent railed walkways. The Royal Clock (below) activates on the hour and displays six scenes of English royalty accompanied by Jeremiah Clarke's trumpet voluntary

The Great Australian Clock, designed and made by Chris Cook, weighs four tonnes and stands ten metres tall. It includes 33 scenes from Australian history, seen from both Aboriginal and European perspectives. An Aboriginal hunter circles the exterior of the clock continuously, representing the never-ending passage of time." (Wikipedia)

This post is part of Alphabe-Thursday 'V'and Saturday Snapshot

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  1. Ah so familiar…. I love inside the QVB, I was expecting to see the ABC shop though.

  2. The QVB is such a beautiful building. I enjoy visiting it whenever I am in Sydney. There is nothing even close to it here in Virginia which makes it even more special for me.

    Sean at His and Her Hobbies

  3. These photos are gorgeous. I love that clock! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Amazing! Your photos are really tempting me to plan a trip to Australia. It is definitely on my bucket list.

  5. Lovely photos... that's one giant Christmas tree. And, will you have the chance to get a glimpse of the royal family? What an exciting event. :)

  6. That's a gorgeous building. I love the clocks. And the giant Christmas tree.

    Joy's Book Blog

  7. Beautiful photos of a gorgeous building. I see what you mean about the Christmas tree -- huge! Australia is high on our list of must-see places, and we'll be sure to visit the QVB when we make it to Sydney.

  8. Beautiful photography of quite a majestic place ~ great post for V ~ xoxo

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  9. What a beautiful building. I saw them arriving in Australia. I hope you get a peek at them!

  10. Lovely pictures of QVB.. it has been ages since I been there.. miss the time I spent studying in Sydney. ..Visiting from Alpha- Thursday

  11. Beautiful building and great images. MB

  12. What a luxurious environment! Love it!

  13. I am amused too - clever comment from Along These Lines and great post and photos for V.
    Hope you're having fun in Queensland!
    Wren x


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