Saturday, 14 December 2013

Saturday Snapshot - Mudgee Revisited

I recently had a trip back to my old home. 
It was a very nostalgic trip for me as I caught up with friends and familiar places.
Sadly the area is all but drought declared as they have had no decent winter or spring rains.

Today I thought I'd share a few of my pics from the visit on Saturday Snapshot.

 The local war memorial in a pool or roses.

 The preschool I taught in for 18 years.
The grass problem finally solved by synthetic turf!

 Last time I saw the theatre it was looking unloved.
So glad to see it repainted and looking good.
I saw sooooo many great movies and shows here over the years.

 View of Mt Frome from my friend's property.

 Mt Frome with cows!

 It's so dry at the moment.
This paddock is just a 2 minute drive from the CBD.

 Pretty weeds!

 My (old) garden surviving (just) the dry weather.
So glad I planted so many trees and shrubs 13 years ago.

My friend's neighbours!
But I got too close and scared them away from their shady resting spot.


  1. Lovely photos Brona. CBD is a bit of a grand term though! It does look very dry already.

    1. Ha ha - I was tempted to write "into town" which is what the locals mean by CBD, but I thought it might be slightly misleading - esp since it takes less than 10 mins to drive from the Sydney Rd into town to the Gulgong Rd out of town again!

  2. I love the first photo of the flower in closeup and the tower behind. Have a great weekend, Brona!

  3. Lovely photos. I liked the mountain and the newly painted theater!

    Joy's Book Blog

  4. Going home again is a nostalgic journey, and I am glad you shared some photos with us. Despite the drought, it looks like the residents are making the best of things. Here's MY SATURDAY SNAPSHOT POST

  5. Think I lost the comment there... It still looks quite green, despite the drought. I like the photo of the paddock. with the animals looking at that dead tree branch, which looks like a monster. My Snapshot is at

  6. Lovely photos. Your old school looks idyllic.

  7. Drought or no drought.... hmmm... I envy your climate.
    Here in Canada it is so cold and snowy it's almost impossible to be outside at all -- unless one is bundled up in a few thick sweaters made from those fellas in your last picture there!

  8. It's fun to be nostalgic. Your pictures are great. Sometimes, I wish New Zealand were a bit warmer, but since we moved from behind the mountain, I find the weather quite perfect!


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