Saturday, 19 October 2013

Saturday Snapshot - Snails Invade Sydney!

As part of Art & About Sydney I have spent some time exploring the city over the past few weeks.

The Field was placed in a corner of Hyde Park.
It consisted of 324 mirror faces that reflected the city, the park and yourself in surprising and incredibly artful ways. I took oodles of photos and managed to whittle it down to just 4 to share today!

Snailovation, meanwhile, encouraged you to walk the CBD to find the coloured snails.
Sadly these exhibitions finish this weekend.
I'll miss the quietly cheerful presence of the snails in particular.

 Australian Museum Snail
 Hyde Park (south) Snail
 Hyde Park (north) Snails
 Hyde Park Barracks Snail
 Martin Place (east) Snails
 Martin Place (west) Snails 
 NSW State Library Snail
 Museum of Sydney Snail
 Customs House Snail
 Star City Snail
Pitt St Mall Snail

Sadly, I didn't get to visit all the snails - I think I missed three.
It was a great way to see the city and it was lovely watching locals and visitors, young and old engage with the snails, take photos, cuddle & sit astride them. 

I've included this post in Saturday Snapshot.


  1. Awesome sculptured snails! And great photos, too. Enjoy your weekend...and here's MY SATURDAY SNAPSHOT POST

  2. Two great exhibits!! Esp the mirrors I too would have taken tons of photos.

  3. I wondered what I was going to see - never expecting such large and colourful snails. Great photos - I prefer the mirrors, especially the last photo showing the trees.

  4. It is great when art takes you by surprise. The mirror photos are stunning.

  5. The mirror photos are excellent!

    Here is my snapshot post.

  6. Those mirrors are fascinating--and the snails are just fun! Both seem so clever and creative.

  7. I love seeing art in the city. The mirrors would be just too much fun with a camera. I'm impressed that you got it down to 4 to share.

    Joy's Book Blog

  8. I hadn't heard of either of these Brona! They look great. I wish i could have seen both of them. At least I got to see your photos. I was in Melbourne last year when they had 50 decorated elephants throughout the city. I became quite obsessive and had to find them all. It's a fun thing for cities to do. I love your 2nd 3rd and 4th pictures of the mirrors- you made great use of the angles and reflections- I really like the reflected tree.

  9. I could spend hours taking photos and looking into those mirrors. What a fascinating concept. And the snails, too much fun. Years ago we had cows scattered about the business district in Chicago, but nothing this much fun in quite a few years.

  10. What a neat exhibit! The tree in the mirror is an especially wonderful photo. And the colorful snails are great. I can image how many photos you took!


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