Friday, 4 January 2013

Fertilizer Friday 4th January

The perfect meme for me!
A gardening photographic meme with Tootsie Time called Fertilizer Friday.
I spent 8 years designing and creating a large country NSW garden featuring many wonderful and water-efficient native plants.
When I moved to Sydney to a much smaller garden it wasn't the natives that I missed the most though. It was my rose garden.
I love growing them. I love caring for them. I love pruning them.
I love feeding and watering them.
But most of all I love looking at them, smelling them & picking them.
Now that I'm in Sydney my roses grow in pots on the front porch.
I love them still, just on a smaller scale.

Simply Marvelous
Patio Hits (a cultivar designed for pots!)


  1. Your photos are so beautiful I think I can smell the roses!

  2. Your roses are just beautiful! We like roses too but it is winter where I live (and a cold winter at that), so ours will not bloom for a few months yet - April or May. I enjoyed seeing yours.

  3. I love roses, they would have to be my favourite for what they give every year.

  4. Container grown roses have their own challenges but offer so much enjoyment. Yours are beautiful.


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