Saturday, 2 June 2018

Miyajima Otorii

The torii gate is the boundary between the human world and the spirit world in Japan.
In this case the Otorii of Itsukushima Shrine spends half its day floating in water as well.

We spent an entire day exploring Miyajima Island which meant that we saw Otorii circled by water on our arrival, then stranded on wet sand at the end of the day.

The vermilion colour is meant to keep evil spirits away.

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  1. Such beautiful images! Each perspective shows us something unique. Thanks for sharing, and here are MY SATURDAY SNAPSHOTS

  2. Amazing photos! I love your combination of views: close up, upwards, and from afar -- both in and out of the water. What a marvelous trip this must have been!
    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.
    Sandy @ Writing With a Texas Twang

  3. Beautiful! And such interesting photos. How wonderful to visit such a unique place.

    Enjoy your week -


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