Saturday, 7 April 2018

Twilight at Taronga Zoo

Over the summer months, Taronga Zoo hosts Twilight Concerts.
Friends have been raving about these nights for years.
Mr Seasons & I (with a group of friends) finally made it happen this year.

Part of the fun of a trip to Taronga Zoo is the getting there!
The best access for most Sydney-siders is by ferry.
It's a glorious way to go anywhere.

To reach the main entrance from the ferry wharf, the Sky Safari is the thing.
The view as you ascend the hill is amazing.

Part of the concert ticket price includes a day pass to the zoo.
We only had time to fit in a two-hour tour of the park beforehand, but we saw some of our favourite animals and a few surprises.

I even spotted where one of the 2014 Wild Rhino sculptures ended up.

We had pre-bought a picnic pack for the evening, so all we had to do was collect it from the bar, find our friends and settle into a comfy spot on the grass.

Mother Nature and the bands did the rest!

Now that we have finally been to a Twilight Concert at the Zoo, it certainly won't be our last.
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  1. Beautiful!

  2. What a beautiful zoo! I love a ferry ride, too. Thanks for sharing your fun.


  3. I haven't been on a ferry ride in so long! Looks like you had a great time Brona!

  4. Wow that does look like a fun action-packed night out. Beautiful sunset.

  5. Wow, amazing photos, as always! Looks like a beautiful place, and what a glorious sunset!

    Thanks for sharing -


    Book By Book


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