Saturday, 7 October 2017

Havana - Paseo del Prado

Officially named Paseo de Marti, but locally known as the Prado, is a European style boulevard leading from Parque Central (see previous post) to the Malecon and the Straits of Florida.

After leaving Parque Central we wandered around some of the local side streets, enjoying the cool shade created by the buildings.

Mr Seasons taking yet another photo of an old car in Havana!
The car in question!

The Prado was a lovely tree-lined avenue dotted with market stalls and teeming with tourists.
Construction began in 1770 with the idea of creating a boulevard to rival Las Ramblas in Barcelona.
Build just outside the old city walls, it became the haunt of the wealthy to take rides in their carriages.
Bands dotted along the way would provide music for their amusement.

The military also used the Prado for parades and carnivals.

In 1927, the French architect Forestier redesigned the Prado - widening the streets, paving the walk and adding the bronze lions and marble benches.

Apparently the markets are only open on the weekends.
The many apartments and buildings that line the Prado are now in various states of disrepair or renovation.

The beautiful wrought iron street lamps were added in 1834.

The closer we got to bay and the Malecon, the more active the renovation.
Hotels with a lovely view of the sea, we suspect.

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  1. Beautiful photos of Paseo del Prado. I love the old buildings (and old cars), and I'm delighted to see that they're being renovated. Looks like you had a great time.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.
    Sandy @ Writing With a Texas Twang

  2. so much color, so much beauty - and you have captured them all so well.. this is the second set of photos i have seen of Havana in the recent weeks and they all tempt....(another place to our bucket list!)

  3. This city looks like a place where time has stopped. The buildings are lovely and the old cars are magnificent. Thank you for taking us there.


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