Saturday, 3 June 2017

Museo Historico Municipal, Trinidad, Cuba

Our casa particular in Trinidad was at the La Boca end of Calle Simon Bolivar.
It was an easy 10 -15 min stroll into Playa Mayor - the UNESCO World Heritage area of Trinidad.

Along the way, we passed the Museo Historico Municipal, which we had been advised was the best and most interesting museum in Trinidad.

Naturally, we happily spent an hour strolling through the rooms of this 1830's mansion once owned by the Borrell family. The house was later purchased by the Cantero family who renamed it Palacio Cantero and refurbished it in the Neo-Classical style.

There was a small entrance fee, although we chose not to pay a guide to take us around. 
The information in our guide books and the Spanish notes on the walls in each room were enough for us to get the gist. We had been to enough museums in Cuba by now to know how basic (and often inappropriately or incongruously) pieces were displayed. As a result, we preferred to move through at our pace, in our own way.

The most impressive feature of this museo is the bell tower.
The 360 panorama of Trinidad is worth the climb up the rickety stairs.

We did the climb not long after the museo opened, apparently by 11am though, the bus crowds make this climb very unpleasant and claustrophobic.

Frescoed archways and columns were featured throughout the house.

Mr Seasons negotiating the narrow, rickety stairs to the bell tower.
There was only one way up...and down!

But the view was worth it.

View of Playa Mayor

Bell tower of Iglesia y Convento de San Francisco.

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  1. I always hate climbing up narrow spaces-but the view and the relief is usually worth it!


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