Saturday, 20 May 2017

La Boca & Playa Ancon, Cuba

Just a five minute drive (on a road full of super-sized baches) from our accommodation in Trinidad, was the little village of La Boca at the mouth of the Guaurabo River. 
La Boca is a fishing village with a pebbly beach.

There's not much there - no restaurants or hotels. 
But their are plenty of casa particular's to stay in and one lonely beach bar.

But it was a very peaceful spot to enjoy a beer with a view of the Caribbean, watching the sun set over the water.

The banks of the Guaurabo River

La Boca's pebbly beach
We followed the road around the peninsula towards Playa Ancon.
Touted as the 'finest arc of sand on Cuba's south coast', however these two Australian travellers were not particularly impressed. 
It was magic to dip our toes in the Caribbean Sea for the very first time in our lives, but it's hard to find beaches anywhere in the world that are more impressive than those we enjoy at home.

A couple of places along the way have become 'civilised' in the hope of making money off tourists.
With parking bays, pathways, beach umbrellas and snorkelling gear for hire, these little spots were still 'under construction'. 
After chatting with one of the young men fixing the frond roof on one of the umbrellas, we remained unsure if this was local initiative or a government directive.

Finally some sand!

Panorama shot - click to open a larger version

We were just coming off the back end of three days of cool weather in Cuba.
A few people were swimming, but it wasn't quite warm enough to tempt us.
So we drove back to La Boca for the beer and the sunset.

Our holiday Instagram tag is #bronandpaulgetaway - you can see our pics here.
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  1. How long did you spend in Trinidad, Brona?

    1. We had two nights and two days in Trinidad - photos from this part of our trip will appear over the next few Saturdays :-)

  2. Lovely beaches! Thanks for sharing....and here are MY SATURDAY SNAPSHOTS

  3. I enjoyed your beautiful photos. Such tranquil scenes and not crowded at all. I'd love to go there.
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