Saturday, 22 April 2017

Iznaga Estate, Cuba

Iznaga Estate is situated in the Valle de los Ingenios (Valley of Sugar Mills) between the towns of Sancti Spiritus and Trinidad.
The brothers Pedro and Alejo Iznaga y Borrell were land and slave owning sugar producers in this area.

The 45m high tower was built in 1816 by Alejo to oversee the slaves.
It is still standing and is now open to climb.

Iznaga Tower

The stairs were a little rickety, but the 360 degree view was worth it.

The Valle de los Ingenios is actually three connected valleys - San Luis, Santa Rosa and Meyer - surrounded by the mountains of Sierra del Escambray.
Once a sugar growing hub, the valley is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The old Colonial home is now a restaurant.

Relaxing on the verandah swing after all those stairs!

The old tower bell now rests in the yard.

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  1. That must have been an amazing place to visit. I enjoyed your photos. The last one with people climbing up the stairs really shows the scale of the structure. What a climb!
    My Saturday Snapshot post features Cougar Mountain

  2. I love the view from the circular "window". Seems like you enjoyed the climb- I can't wait to go to Cuba and visit this myself!

  3. My favourite was the oval window shot too.


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