Saturday, 19 November 2016

Supermoon Monday

Monday night, very fittingly, was Supermoon night.
Unfortunately, though, Monday was also a cloudy day in good old Sydney town.
Not ideal for watching a supermoon rise.

However that didn't stop lots of local luna lovers from gathering on the foreshores of our peninsula, just in case.
There's always plenty of picturesque views to admire regardless of the moon.

The cloud cover hung low, so we did miss the moon rise.

But we did get a break as the moon reached the arch of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
People cheered, cameras clicked and #supermoon2016 trended!

The middle of the bridge! How lucky!
How perfectly picturesque!

How lucky to have your Bridge Climb walk booked for the night of the supermoon!
You can see one group crossing the centre of the bridge and another group beginning their descent.

The Australian flag and the flag of NSW were flying tonight.

And there she goes!
45 minutes of la bella luna, before the clouds obscured her pretty face once again.
I'll be 66 for #Supermoon2034 - I wonder where I will be?

This post is part of Saturday Snapshot.


  1. I always forget about these events until it's too late! Thanks for sharing, and it was worth the wait.


  2. We had overcast skies on the evening of the Supermoon too! I did wake up in the middle of the night and notice moonbeams slanting through the window shades, but I fell back asleep. Too bad! Your photos of the event are beautiful.
    Thank you for visiting my blog. Your comments are appreciated.

  3. Nicely done! Our weather didn't cooperate that evening.

  4. We also had cloud, so couldn't see the supermoon. Lovely shots by the bridge.

  5. Great shots! It was so cloudy here that we couldn't even see the supermoon. Oh well....


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