Saturday, 8 October 2016

Spring in Sydney

Not much to say today.

The pictures say it all!

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  1. Stunning photo's. We are heading very much into Autumn over here in the UK but I am liking this season a lot but I do like spring and all it's new possibilities xx

  2. Gorgeous flowers...the bird looks like it fits right in. Thanks for sharing...and here's MY SATURDAY SNAPSHOT POST

    1. I forgot to put in that the bird is a rainbow lorikeet (Trichoglossus haematodus) a type of parrot native to Australia. This particular genus is Sydney based. They love to eat the nectar and fruit from the eucalypts, grevilleas etc. A swarm can also strip a fruit tree in minutes!

  3. I enjoyed your beautiful springtime photos. That bird is stunning!
    Sandy @ TEXAS TWANG

  4. Great shots Brona, I really like the magnolia one, but they're all so pretty.

  5. Dear Brona Joy,

    Colorful, beautiful pics! Simply lovely post!

  6. These are some great signs of spring! I can't wait for the full blooms of spring in our part of the world :)

  7. It still kind of blows my mind that it's spring there when it's fall here! We've got leaves starting to change color, and you've got daffodils blooming! Gorgeous photos, as always, with such vibrant colors and diverse shapes in the flowers. Thanks for sharing! It is dark and rainy here today, so I appreciated your pretty blooms!


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