Saturday, 13 August 2016

The city by night

I recently had a day long conference in the middle of Sydney.
The office had a great view of the Bradfield Hwy as it approaches the Harbour Bridge (below).

I decided to walk home around the new Barangaroo work site to get to the Darling Harbour ferry.
The area around Wynyard Station is still a bit of a mess, but pedestrian overpasses are in place and every time I go by, you can see more features.

I'm not quite sure where the new Barangaroo area becomes the location we've always known as Darling Harbour. Maybe the use of these names will change as time goes by?

Wherever the cartography dividing line might be, the Imagine sign marks the end of the construction area and the beginning of the lovely waterside boardwalk around Darling Harbour.

The view from the ferry back along the boardwalk I had just walked down.

Darling Harbour was a working harbour until just after the end of WWII.
The area was full of warehouses, wharves, trains, boats and smog.

Barangaroo used to be called The Hungry Mile during the Depression years as hundreds of out of work men lined up there waiting to get work in one of the warehouses or on one of the boats.
The old pics below are from Wikipedia.

Darling Harbour 1900 looking from Pyrmont across the Pyrmont Bridge into the city.

Darling Harbour & Barangaroo 1950 from the city looking across to East Balmain and Goat Island to the right.

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  1. I love that Imagine sign...and the branches in the light. Here's MY SATURDAY SNAPSHOT POST

  2. Stunning photos! This is the only way I'll ever see Sydney, so thanks.

  3. I love the sunset picture along the ferry boardwalk.
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. These are lovely pictures. I especially like the photo with the purple light hitting the tree and the IMAGINE sign. I'd love to have the IMAGINE sign in front of my house or school.

  5. Gorgeous night shots! And I love the IMAGINE sign.

  6. Great pictures! Sydney is definitely a city I want to visit someday!


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