Saturday, 16 July 2016

Tom Uren Trail

Tom Uren was a well-known and much loved Balmain resident. After his years away at war, boxing and working for the Labor movement, he enjoyed walking the streets of Balmain in his retirement. 

His death last year was the catalyst for local residents and council to work together to honour his memory with a walking trail around the streets he knew so well.

The trail chosen was one Tom's favourites.
It takes in many of the various water views and parks on our peninsula.

Propeller Park overlooking Mort Bay

Nowadays Mort Bay only hosts ferries and small boats. But in Tom's youth, Mort Bay was a working  dry dock - busy, smelly and noisy.

The Trail is mark by signs and pictures of his iconic slouch hat.

0ne of the slouch hat posts lining the trail

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  1. What a great idea. I hadn't heard of this trail before Brona. It's a lovely memorial though, and well done. Thanks for walking it for us. I'm sure it's a beautiful walk- he's right about the beauty of Sydney Harbour, it certainly is Sydney's heart.


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