Saturday, 18 June 2016

Vivid 2016

Vivid Sydney has grown from its humble beginnings eight years ago.
I remember the first Vivid I went to, when I could still tuck both boys under my chin and all the lights were dotted around Circular Quay. And the only buildings being lit up were the Opera House, the MCA and Cadman's Cottage.

Vivid has now spread to multiple venues and it seems like the whole city joins in.
Five years later, it is me who gets tucked in under the chins of both boys & it is no longer fun to attend things like Vivid with the olds!

I also find the crush of people attending Vivid a little overwhelming.
I try to time my visits for mid-week or not at all.

This year, I had a book event in darling Harbour the night before the official opening of Vivid.
On my way home I was treated to their pre-Vivid rehearsal...minus the crowds.

It was sensational.
There's something about lights and water and crisp, cool, clear nights.

A couple of weeks later, another book event right in the city, allowed me to check out the lights in one of the new venues this year - the Royal Botanic Gardens. 
Everyone has been instagramming the tunnel of light and I was determined to see it, despite the cold and the crowds out on a Thursday night.

The seawall in the RBG looking back towards the Opera House & Harbour Bridge

The Tunnel of Light



A 180 panorama inside the tunnel

Circular Quay all lit - it makes for a lovely ferry ride home.

Unfortunately the camera on my phone doesn't do it justice.

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  1. That is AMAZING! I'd love to view such a spectacular display of lights and water.

  2. The Tunnel of Light is spectacular. There is something magical about bright lights, water, and big city buildings to illuminate. The Opera House shots are really cool! Wonderful, thanks for sharing!

  3. I went to Vivid maybe 6 years ago, haven't made it back since. Some years the SWF is just prior and so you can see some of the set up, but it wasn't this year. I love all the pictures of the tunnel of light, I wish I was going to see it, but it's not going to happen. My favourite is usually Customs House.

  4. This sounds like a great event! They just recently started something like this here last winter. We didn't go (because I found out about it the day and we already had plans), but I hope to go next year.


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