Saturday, 28 May 2016

Biennale Art Gallery of NSW

Once again the 20th Biennele of Sydney is coming to an end after three months of exhibitions and excitement.

Various venues around Sydney have been adorned with art loosely gathered under this year's theme -
The Future is Already Here-It's Just Not Evenly Distributed.

Rather clunky as far as themes go, but open to wide interpretation, I guess.

The Art Gallery Of NSW hosted several artists and their works.

One of the entrance pillars was adorned with coloured fabric cords by Sheila Hicks called Questioning Column.

Her second piece, The Embassy of Chromatic Delegates, graced the foyer area.

I loved the look of the silk & linen 'boules' that dotted this work and would have loved to be able to run my hands over their texture.

Along one of the long walls within the gallery, Erub Arts presented a strong environmental work that captured my imagination, Solwata, 2015-16, ghostnet.

Erub is also known as Darnley Island, one of the inhabited islands of the Torres Strait.

"Erub Arts, founded more than 20 years ago by a small collective of artists from four tribal groups seeking to preserve and revitalise traditional Erub culture through a variety of artistic forms, including printmaking, jewellery, textiles, weaving, ceramics and the creation of traditional dance ornaments such as shari (traditional headdresses). 

Erub artists have been working with reclaimed fishing nets since 2010, when GhostNets Australia came to Darnley Island to conduct a workshop and invited local artists to apply traditional weaving techniques to a new medium." (AGNSW webpage)

"Crossing from the shoreline to the shallows and out into deep water our faces are reflected as we peer into the depths. It is a beautiful, colourful world and our reflections are caught between the dichotomy of discovering the unknown and witnessing environmental abuse. The shadows create a dialogue between the surface beauty and a deeper message around the ghost net problem that the ocean and reef is struggling to communicate." (Erub Artists)

On the way out I played around with a few more shots of the Questioning Column.

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  1. Gorgeous! The artwork made from nets especially fascinated me. Love all the vivid colors and varied textures.
    My Saturday Snapshot is HERE.

  2. What interesting artwork. The fabric nature of all the pieces really appeals to me.

  3. What an intriguing exhibition. The textures and colours are fabulous. I did a Snpshot, then dashed off to London to see my younger daughter before Melinda posted her link, so I'm late linking in to it but my post is at

  4. What dramatic pieces! I'm in awe of artists who can make such pieces!

  5. I saw that Sheila Hicks work in the paper and did quite want to see it, but it was not meant to be. I wanted to touch them too. I love the column out the front- that would have to be touchable... Did you touch it?


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