Saturday, 27 February 2016

Hermitage Foreshore Walk

During my summer holidays I tried to do a few touristy things around Sydney.
One of them was to walk the Hermitage Foreshore Walk that goes from Rose Bay to Nielson Park.

In the Sydney Top 10 it says:
Overlooking Shark Bay, this park (Nielson) has been a favourite since 1912. At it's north end is Shark Beach and the Historic Greycliffe House. To the west is Steel Point, site of a former defensive battery, and the start of the 1.5 km Hermitage Foreshore Walk back to Rose Bay. pg 51

Rose Bay (east)

Rose Bay: The largest cove in Sydney Harbour is embraced by Point Piper to the west and Vaucluse to the east. Northeast of Point Piper is Shark Island. To the east is Hermit Point, reputedly the haunt of a reclusive former convict. In 1942 a Japanese submarine lobbed shells into Rose Bay, presumably aiming for the former flying-boat base; it's still the base for Sydney Harbour's seaplanes. pg 97 

Beginning of the walk at Rose Bay
Sisters of the Sacred Heart Convent cemetery 
Queens Beach
Hermitage Beach

Tingara Beach

We stopped here for an hour or so to swim, relax and read. We shared the beach with lots of kayaks and only one other couple. Magic! Perfect!
Shhhhhh don't tell anyone about this little beach - it's our secret.

Milk Beach

It was an easy walk along boardwalks and beaches with spectacular views of Sydney Harbour at every turn.

View from Steel Point
Shark Beach
Nielson Park: On summer weekends, this sheltered harbour beach is packed with picnicking families. The adjacent park has good spots for cricket or frisbee. Small children can safely play in the water, but keep in mind that the harbour floor dips away suddenly. pg 49

We finished with lunch and another swim at Shark Beach.
A perfect summer's day activity.

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  1. Gorgeous photos, and just what I needed to see on this rainy Saturday. Sydney is at the top of my must-visit places.
    FYI: The link you posted on West Metro Mommy's blog didn't work for me.

  2. I lived in Vaucluse for 6 months about a hundred years ago, and Nielsen Park was my regular. I don't know that this walk was a formal thing back then. It looks a fabulous thing to do.

    1. Highly recommended Louise.
      We hope to do the walk around the bottom of South Head from Nielson Park one day soon too.


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