Saturday, 16 January 2016

Magnificent Mudgee

I spent 18 years of my life living in the gorgeous town of Mudgee in Central West NSW.

I don't get back to visit my dear, dear friends anywhere near often enough.
But when I do go, I love sinking back into the warm embrace of those who have known and loved me for most of my life. Old friends and old places that make me feel instantly at home, safe and at peace.

My recent visit included non-stop lunches and dinners and trips to local wineries.
It was exhausting, but soul satisfying at the same time.
Just seeing these photos again makes me feel warm and gooey all over.
Lovely Mt Frome

My besties back yard

Another side of Mt Frome

The lunch time view at Lowe Wines

This post is part of Saturday Snapshot


  1. The wine glasses full of nature! :)
    Great pics for the week.

  2. It looks a lovely break Brona. I'm posting about Sydney today...

  3. What a gorgeous location to think of as home!

  4. How nice to go home for a bit. The pictures real capture the spirit of the place.

  5. Your photos are always so gorgeous, Brona! I love seeing the greenery reflected in the wine glasses. Looks like a beautiful area - glad you enjoyed such a lovely visit.


    Book By Book

  6. loved the last photo - the wine glasses reflect the beauty so well..

  7. Such great pictures! It is nice to go home again...even if (or maybe especially if) only for a visit.


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