Saturday, 24 October 2015

Frank Gehry & The Dr Chau Chak Wing Building

The Business School at the University of Technology (UTS), Sydney recently commissioned Frank Gehry to design and build a new and iconic building. 
Named after the principal contributor, the Dr Chau Chak Wing Building, also known as the "crushed paper bag" design by its detractors, has quickly become a must-see, hot-debated architectural feature in Sydney.

Mr Seasons and I checked it out one sunny Sunday September afternoon.
We had watched a program about its design and build and were intrigued.
In real life it is rather stunning from every angle.
I hope the photo's do it justice.

Eastern facade from The Goods Line.

The UTS website has this to say about it's facade and interior spaces,

"The building’s remarkable exterior is the result of its two distinct facades – one composed of undulating brickwork, referencing the dignified sandstone of Sydney’s urban heritage, and the other of a glass ‘curtain wall’ that mirrors fragments of the building’s contemporary city surrounds."

"Frank Gehry imagined a building that was a cluster of ‘tree houses’, or vertical stacks of office floors with spatial ‘cracks’ in between. This is how he described his vision for the building:
"Each of the larger lower floors is divided into six floor segments. The building fa├žade folds in between these elements bringing natural daylight deep into the centre of the floors."
The interior walls reminded us of the game Jenga.
If we pulled one out, would it fall down?

Polished stainless steel staircase

Northern facade

Approaching the Western facade.

The glass Western facade

The Ultimo Rd entrance.

View from the Goods Line (see next weeks post).

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  1. Unique architectural design. Reminded me of Gaudi's work in Barcelona.

  2. The man is an amazing architect. I was in his Walt Disney Concert hall in Los Angeles....slivery, glittering in the sunshine.
    His buildings are an experience without even going inside! I would love to see his Fondation d'entreprise Louis Vuitton museum is in Paris. Saving for my next trip to that beautiful city!

    1. I'd also love to see his Guggenheim Museum in Bilboa, Spain.

  3. The "undulating" facade is definitely unique! Thanks for sharing...and here is MY SATURDAY SNAPSHOT POST

  4. That is an amazing building. Is it offices or apartments or a combination? I will have to do some research. Thanks for sharing, it is wonderful!

  5. Stunning! And the photos do it justice!

  6. Wow, very cool! I've never seen anything like it. I especially like the giant Jenga game inside :)


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