Saturday, 23 May 2015

Botanic Gardens - Tree Art Installation

I love all the little hidden gems to be found in any big city when you have the time or opportunity to simply wander off the regular path.

Last week I was meeting a friend in the Botanic Gardens, but the bus driver forgot he still had one passenger left on board! So instead of being dropped off at the eastern entrance to the Gardens, I got the longer, scenic drive around the tip of Mrs Macquarie's Chair before being dropped off.
To meet my friend, I had to walk back up the centre island between the two roads.

And to my delight I found this gorgeous, discreet public art/poetry installation underneath a stand of towering gum trees.
Several glass columns inscribed with tree poems and literary quotes adorned the area. Depending on the light and dappled shade, the columns reflected back various tree-ish images and patterns.

An island of beauty and serenity and reflection that made the unexpected detour seem serendiptious.

I've spent some time on google trying to find out the who, why and when of this lovely installation, but I struck out. If anyone knows more about this work, please leave a comment.

To finish off this lovely walk through the Gardens, I'll show off a couple of 'Sydney in Autumn' pics, just because I can & just because Sydney looks glorious in any season!

It was pretty cool on the ferry trip home, so instead of braving the front of the boat, the sunset pics are filtered through the scratchy glass windows!

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  1. Very beautiful! Lovely to see poetry installed among the trees. Remind me of the poem 'Trees' by Joyce Kilmer.

  2. Such fun to happen upon these delightful tree displays. I've to to see Mrs. Macquarie's Chair but didn't see the poems.

  3. Looks like you took "the road less traveled." It's such a treat to come across unexpected treasures like the ones you found. I enjoyed all the beautiful pictures of your afternoon.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog today.

  4. Lovely and soothing! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Very pretty - I always enjoy seeing your gorgeous pics from the other side of the world!


    Book By Book

  6. I love seeing your autumn is my favorite time of the year and I'm missing it right now!


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