Saturday, 14 February 2015

Harry Seidler: Painting Toward Architecture

Life has been crazy, busy lately & I'm having trouble finding the time for some of my favourite memes.
Fortunately I found some time last night to put this post together.

Hopefully, I will have some time on Monday night to visit all my fellow Saturday Snapshotter's blogs.
Until then, Happy Valentine's Day one and all!
I hope your day is filled with love and kindness in all it's various forms!

I visited the Museum of Sydney again recently to see the Harry Seidler exhibition.
Harry Seidler (1923 - 2006) designed and built many iconic Sydney homes and buildings - many of them quite controversial to this day.

This exhibition displays many of his widow, Penelope's personal collection for the first time.
They include journals, artwork, sketches, letters and movies.
You may remember Penelope from last year's Archibald Prize as her protrait won first place.

I often find his houses too boxy for my liking, but I loved that Penelope made embroidery designs of some of them.

The whole exhibition had a very 60's/70's feel to it.

The Blues Point Tower is one of the more controversial designs.
I pass it every time I travel by ferry into Circular Quay & each time I'm amazed that such a huge, boxy tower was allowed to be built in such a prime area blocking views - standing out like a sore thumb.

I loved the diorama's...

...the architectural lessons and all the Sydney history.

And on the way home, just to prove a point...a few pics of the controversial Blues Point Tower!

The exhibition closes on the 8th March, 2015.

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  1. Harry Seidler is a name I know of course, but I'm not sure that I knew that he did the MLC Centre and Australia Square- it makes perfect sense of course. And as for Blues Point Tower- I hate it so much, it should be razed.

    1. Yes exactly! I think the only people who like the Blues Tower are those on the inside with the great views...who don't have to look at their own building!!

    2. I would of course like an apartment there... The views would be incredible, but you would have to see that abomination every time you went home.

  2. Wow, impressive exhibits and buildings. I know little about architecture...but I do know what I like. Thanks for sharing, and here's MY SATURDAY SNAPSHOT POST

  3. Very cool pics! The water is gorgeous!

    1. Yes, Sheila, Sydney Harbour is beautiful in any weather, any season :-)
      But I could be biased!

  4. Very cool captures. the view from up there must be mind blowing.


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