Saturday, 6 December 2014

Balmoral Beach - an evening stroll.

Earlier in the year, I attended a book launch in Balmoral.
I love any chance to spend time on one of our Sydney ferries, but especially so if that time is early evening.
Sunsets on the harbour are always sensational, but this one outdid itself!

The light was very different when I arrived in Balmoral half an hour later. 
Facing east, this Lower North Shore village, still held the promise of daylight with lovely soft tinges of colour.

The wooden boardwalk is an iconic part of Balmoral Beach.

In the DK Top 10 Sydney it says,
  "Another excellent children's beach, Balmoral has a large enclosure of shark nets bordered by a wooden boardwalk which kids love to jump off. Grassy picnic areas abound, the water is warm and calm, and there are many places to buy the kids an ice cream."

I enjoyed playing around with the panaroma options on my camera phone as I walked the boardwalk.
Click on the photos below to make them larger - the panoromic effect works better bigger.

Balmoral Beach is about 1km long & divided into two sections.

The southern beach is Balmoral, the northern one is Edwards Beach.
They're safely nestled in Hunters Bay.
In the middle is a  little island, Rocky Point, that you reach by crossing over the bridge.

I have been here on a warm, sunny Sunday afternoon with the kids.

The beaches were packed with families, picnicking, swimming, playing, resting, strolling.

It was lovely to see it so peaceful & quiet.
Although the number of footprints in the sand tell the story of the day.

The Esplanade was constructed in the 1924 - perfect for strolling, then & now.

Late afternoon stroll complete with an amazing view of the Heads.
Returning from Rocky Point to see the Rotunda in Hunter Park all lit up was a treat.
Billy stands guard at the foot of the Rotunda.
He was the local street sweeper's dog - both were local identities.

The Rotunda was built in the 1930's.

The Bather's Pavillion was opened in 1929.
A grand Moorish style changing room for men & women until the late 60's, it is now converted into a restaurant, function room and cafe. 

I enjoyed the view from the roof top garden for the book launch, but it was too dark by then for photos.
I would love to dine in the restaurant one night...
This post is part of Saturday Snapshot.


  1. Oh I love Balmoral too. Haven't been there in ages though. What a lovely evening this was- what was the book launch?

    1. It was for a new recipe book by Jody Vassalo called Beautiful Food. We had a lovely three course dinner from the book :-)

  2. It looks beautiful, and very unspoilt. My Snapshot is at

  3. A new place for me. :)
    Great set of captures, particularly the capture of Sun under the bridge. :)

  4. Oh, now I want to go! I love all things beach, anyway, and the play of lights is awesome. Thanks for sharing, and here's MY SATURDAY SNAPSHOT POST

  5. Beautiful photos of a lovely area. You captured so many moods in your pictures. I'd love to spend a day there.
    My Saturday Snapshots are HERE.

  6. Love you photos! I love taking walks by the water.

  7. Lovely photos! Love the boardwalk.

  8. Wow, spectacular is right! What gorgeous photos - looks like a lovely evening. I would love to visit someday.


    Book By Book

  9. What lovely scenery--a wonderful place for a stroll. That sunset shot is just superb!


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