Saturday, 29 November 2014

Albury Roadtrip

Mr Seasons recently had his 30 yr school reunion.
I know! How on earth did we get that old?
It only felt like the other day we were finishing school.
And I'm sure it was only yesterday that we met (& fell in love) at Uni.
30 year school reunions!
That's something that happens to your parents - not you!

 Once we got over the passing of time shock, we realised that the reunion weekend gave us a wonderful chance to catch up with family & friends.
We also love a good roadtrip.
Leaving Sydney via the Anzac Bridge is a great way to start.

We enjoyed a gorgeous sunset as we headed south.
Sunset at the end of the Hume Highway

Blue moon over Bookham for the driver change!
The dry, summer hills around Albury.
We took the boys exploring to show them some of the best bits of Albury!

We found Mr Seasons childhood homes, his primary school & highschool.
And, of course, the Dam - where he spent his summer holidays, working & playing.
Albury Station - the scene of many happy/sad moments for Mr Seasons & I
Even the Hume Dam has lovelocks!
Hume Dam
Mr Seasons impressing the boys with his local knowledge!
The road across the wall is now for pedestrians only.
The Hume Dam is also known as the Hume Weir, Lake Hume or the Hume Reservior, depending on who you talk to!
Waiting for the Wymah Ferry near Granya
The Wymah Ferry
Wymah is a little village on the NSW side of the Murray River & Granya is on the Victorian side.
The ferry has been in operation since the late 1800's when this area was a big sheep centre.

The cable-ferry began operation in 1934. 
In 1936 the Hume Dam was completed, backing up water in the Murray Valley for 90 kilometres, creating the largest water storage in Australia.

Way back in 1988, Mr Seasons took me on my maiden voyage across the Wymah Ferry.
Sadly, that particular ferry is no longer in service.
The new & improved Wymah ferry began operating in 2013, which is the one we took the boys across during our little trip down memory lane.

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  1. Beautiful photos, Brona! Especially the one of Albury Station. 30 years is nothing...I celebrated my 45th high school reunion in March. You'll get there though. Looks like a wonderful trip. Have a great weekend!

  2. Wonderful photos! It has been almost 30 years since I have been to Albury but I remember the big railway station and the dam. We were only there overnight but I do remember those two places. Thanks for bringing back some of my childhood holiday memories.

    Sean at His and Her Hobbies

  3. The first shot is a wonderful perspective. Great pics.

  4. Looks like a great trip. I haven't been to Albury for a good few years now, I think I remember the train station, but not sure I've been to Hume Dam. The love locks there made me laugh! It took me a while to work out why you'd be "leaving" Sydney by heading towards the city.

    1. There were only 2 lovelocks in sight - the craze obviously hasn't taken off!

  5. What a lovely journey back in time...poignant and bittersweet, I'm sure, but wonderful! Thanks for sharing...and here's MY SATURDAY SNAPSHOT POST

  6. I especially like the photo taken of the cables on the bridge. It made me pause and wonder.

  7. O I wish I could be there in the warm summer sun. We're in deep freeze right now, -24C Can you imagine? So it's comforting just looking at your photos. What a beautiful trip.

    1. I don't envy you such cold weather for so long, although I would like to experience a white Christmas one year!
      Today, in Sydney we're expecting a lovely 27°C :-)

  8. I DO love a road trip! But ... do tell me about love locks! I've never heard of them!

    1. Love locks seem to have taken over the world. You find them in all sorts of amazing spots.
      They are locks inscribed with peoples wedding dates (although sometimes its also birthdays or a memorial for someone who has died.)

      One of the bridges in Paris is considering banning them as the bridge walls are now bulging with locks!

  9. What a wonderful trip. It does look lovely and warm where you are.

  10. What a good reason for a trip down memory lane! Great photos all around.

  11. Very creative photography of beautiful scenes ~ I know where does 'time go' ~ 'flying by us' at a blink!

    Happy Day to you,
    artmusedog and carol


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