Saturday, 23 August 2014

Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney - A Winter View

Today is one of those miserable, wet, gloomy Sydney winter weekends. 
I couple of weeks ago, I went for a stroll through the Botanic Gardens.
Even in the middle of winter, it's possible to spot some colour.

My Top 10 Sydney guide says, 

Located around Farm Cove on the shore of Sydney Harbour is the spectacular Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain. Established in 1816, this oasis in the heart of the city occupies the land on which the first crops were planted. Australia's oldest scientific institution is home to an impressive collection of native and exotic plants and trees. The grounds also house an art gallery and music school.

Woolloomooloo Gate
 The Woolloomooloo Gate was erected in 1873 as the southern entrance to the Gardens.
During the building of the Cahill Expressway (1950's), it was moved to it's current position near the Art Gallery.

Lewis Wolfe Levy Fountain 
Art Nouveau fountain by C.B. Birch surmounted with a bronze statue of a young girl
with a heron and reeds and frogs at the base. Commissioned by the family of
politician and businessman Lewis Wolfe Levy, 1889.

Pauline Dewar
 Botanical illustrators have been associated with research in the National Herbarium of NSW since its opening in 1901. One notable past illustrator was Margaret Flockton. Margaret Flockton was the first and most long-serving botanical illustrator at the Botanic Garden.
Botanical illustrators are invited to submit works of black & white scientific botanical illustration for the prestigious Margaret Flockton Award. 
The Margaret Flockton Award for Scientific Botanical Illustration commemorates her contribution to Australian scientific botanical art. 
The Margaret Flockton Award is open to Australian and overseas artists producing scientific botanical illustrations of a high standard. The judges select works for inclusion in the Margaret Flockton Award Exhibition to be held at the Red Box Gallery in the National Herbarium of NSW.

Hongkong Orchid Tree (my new favourite tree!)

The walk back to the ferry takes me past this little known building!
 I can't walk by without taking a photo or two.

Waiting for the ferry - too many distractions to focus on my book.

Finally the clouds part over the city as I head home.

Almost home - sunshine over Ballast Point Park.
This post is part of Saturday Snapshot.


  1. I do love the Botanic Gardens. I didn't know that those gates had been moved.I love that first purple/green photo- and that moody looking one with the bridge and opera house- I can never resist taking photos if I find myself walking past either. Lucky you having that gorgeous ferry trip home.

  2. The picture from the book is my usual POV in life! Love it.

    Here's my Saturday Snapshot!

  3. I have never been to the botanical gardens but will have to dedicate some time to take a look when I am in Sydney next. There is a similar set of gates at ANZAC park in my home town but the stone work at the top is not as ornate. I love the photo of the book and the hustle and bustle behind you while you are waiting for the ferry. I agree that there is too many distractions at Circular Quay to read as there is always something to see.

    Sean @ His and Her Hobbies

    1. There aren't many country towns in Australia that don't have a beautiful old park in the middle of the town, with ornate gates, rotunda's and greenhouses. One big road trip I did about 15 yrs ago, I stopped a took photos of all the war memorials I spotted as I drove through. Even the smallest of towns has their own war memorial....maybe that's a post for another day :-)

  4. Such wonderful shots! I love trees, and especially enjoyed the photos with the branches looming and arranged almost artistically. Floral shots are great, too. Thanks for sharing. Here's MY SATURDAY SNAPSHOT POST

  5. I love the flower shots. Very Georgia O'Keeffe.

    1. I have heard of Georgia O'Keefe, but wasn't familiar with any of her work. A quick google and now I see what you mean - thank you :-)

  6. Thank you for sharing your trip to the Royal Botanic Gardens. Those entry gates are impressive, promising some special sights inside. And they didn't disappoint! How lovely to see a blooming tree when many others are bare. I like the way you organized today's post too -- from entry gate to trip home. Your photos made me want to travel to Sydney.

  7. All your shots ore so artsy and fantastic. What a trip through Sydney! MY SSS

  8. So breathtaking, and what gorgeous views even in winter. Thank you so much for sharing all these.

  9. What a gorgeous place even on a dreary day. Thanks for taking me there.


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