Saturday, 12 July 2014

Kanga Cup, Canberra

We've just had a wintry week in Canberra for an International Football Competition called, Kanga Cup.
We had one boy playing and one boy refereeing.

This is our third year participating.
Each year the boys play at a higher level and progress further up the ladder.
But more importantly, it is a week long bonding fest!

They had so much fun together and really gelled together as a team.
They are a delightful group of young men - it's a pleasure watching over them.

Despite of, or maybe because of the extreme cold, the parents have just as much fun on the sidelines and after hours as did the boys. Team dinners are a highlight for both boys and parents.

Our eldest also had the honour of being asked to centre ref one of the finals.
Fog around Black Tower Mountain

Early frosty morning starts tested everyone's resolve!

Frosty fields & icy winds kept everyone on their toes.

Lots of layers in this selfie!

Team spirit.

Some of the dedicated band of followers (& another cold front moving in.)

Our tourist park was surrounded by Bruce Ridge Nature Reserve.
The gum trees were spectacular (as were the wintry blue skies).

In the middle of the Woolworths shopping centre at Dickson, we spotted a couple of early blossom trees going off!
I couldn't resist a few pics. Their scent was divine.

To cap off a glorious week of non-stop soccer, I also had the chance to visit a couple of art galleries and museums! Canberra is not only our national capital, but it's also the national centre for some pretty amazing art & cultural experiences.
But more of that next week :-)

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  1. Oh it does look so cold and miserable Brona! I'm glad that there were benefits too. The blue in that first photo of the trees is sensational. The blossoms and flowers are all out of whack this year. We saw wattle out in the Blue Mountains in May!

    1. Curiously, even though we were often cold to the bone on the sidelines it never felt miserable. It was like a challenge of some kind or comraderie in adversity or something !
      I also saw early flowering wattle in Balmain last month (normally it will flower in late June/early July).

  2. Great shots! Cold and your photo's captured that so well.

  3. Interesting to see you bundle up in the cold while the trees are blooming pink! Your winter probably is even more profuse than our summer.

  4. I've heard you guys are having a cold winter. I love the shot of Telecom/Telstra Tower (or whatever its new name is these days) is in the background as it is an unmistakeable landmark. I remember playing in the early hours of the morning with the frost when I was a young boy as well. Glad you all had fun!

    Sean at His and Her Hobbies

    1. It's still called Telstra Tower, but I prefer the non-branded Black Mountain :-)

  5. Our son played soccer when he was young, and we had some chilly moments too (in South Texas). One time it even snowed on us. The boys wore thermal underwear under their uniforms! But we all had a great time. Your photos really capture the chill, especially the one with the frosty grass and plume of "smoke" coming out of #14's mouth. Gorgeous blue sky too.

    1. They wear a lycra-type compression shirt & shorts called 'skins' under their uniform now to keep warm - it's also meant to help their muscles & endurance :-)

  6. I can almost feel that cold...but it feels good, since it is sticky hot here. Thanks for sharing!

  7. It doesn't look cold - until I see everyone bundled up watching the game. Gorgeous blossoms on those trees. Warm weather can't be too far away.

  8. That blue sky with the trees seems unworldly. Wow. So vibrant. Here is my post:

  9. Nice photos. Even though it's cold Canberra is beautiful this time of year!


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