Saturday, 5 April 2014

Anzac Bridge

The Anzac Bridge is my local bridge.
I drive across it regularly to get in and out of the city to my suburb on the other side.
I think it is beautiful.

Information in my Eyewitness Top 10 Sydney says 
"This stunning bridge was named in honour of Australia's WW1 soldiers. 
It spans narrow Johnstons Bay and links Prymont with Rozelle and Balmain.
Opened in 1995, this is the longest cable-stayed span bridge in Australia, and many consider it Sydney's finest. A pedestrian path runs beside the inbound lanes.
It offers great views of the city in the distance and the adjacent swing-span 1901 Glebe Island Bridge below."

I love the elegant design of the bridge.
My photo library is full of Anzac Bridge photos in all weathers, at all times of the day.
Here are just a few...

An autumn sunset last week...

View from the Sydney Fish Markets at lunch last month...

In the rain last spring...

Rainy evening last winter...

Sunset last autumn...

Sunset last summer with a bushfire smoke haze...

Early morning blue last year...

Winter bike ride with Mr Seasons, 2008.
We can do a lovely loop around Johnstons Bay, through the Fish Markets, across Anzac Bridge and home again.

The White Bay Hotel on Victoria Rd burnt down under suspicious circumstances in 2008.
This is the view of the city that opened up as the pub was demolished.

Before I moved to Sydney, Mr Seasons had a lovely little terrace house with a tiny back verandah. We enjoyed spending our evenings, with a beer in hand, watching the light change on the bridge & the windows of the city as we chatted &  planned our future together.

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  1. Some wonderful photographs. I have a slight phobia of bridge crossing. Is the bridge connected to the biscuit?

  2. Fantastic shots! We are planning a trip to Sydney at the end of the year.

  3. Love the photos. I had seen Anzac bridge from a distance before (normally from Sydney tower) but we were able to go up close to it last year when we took a tour of the harbour on the Sydney Heritage Fleet. It really is a wonderful piece of architecture. I love how you have so many views from each of the 4 seasons. Thanks for sharing as I really enjoyed seeing them.


  4. What a lovely set of photos Brona. I didn't like the Anzac Bridge when it was first built, but it has grown on me over time. I've never walked or ridden across it though, I should do that one time, I've driven across it many times.

  5. Wow beautiful! I would love to drive across that- just once :)

  6. What a stunning bridge! I can see what a draw that is to a photographer. Loved seeing these!

    Joy's Book Blog

  7. Beautiful photographs of the bridge. I like the way you captured its soaring beauty from different angles and in different situations. Very nice.

  8. So beautiful! I love these photos. Thanks for sharing a slice of your city for those of us who might never be able to get there. Such an impressive bridge there :)

  9. You do have a lot of pics of this bridge. It reminds me a little of the sunshine skyway bridge in St. Petersburg, Florida. Is there a bike lane on the bridge too?

    1. It's a shared bike/pedestrian path just over my right shoulder in the pic of me in bike helmet.


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