Saturday, 1 February 2014

Saturday Snapshot - Summer Flowers

I love taking Instagram photos and experimenting with my new smart phone.
Todays pics are a few summery examples of flowers spotted on my walks.
How many can you name?

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  1. What wonderful colors! Just what I needed when we're still blanketed in snow here in New Jersey! Have a great day, Brona!

  2. I always enjoy your flower pictures, these are a particularly lovely group. You're doing well to be out walking at the moment- I can't be bothered in this heat. I know I will kick myself when you tell us the names.
    Unsure on first one, crepe myrtle, some sort of gum (I'm good on specifics!), cornflower, rose (again no specifics…)

  3. Amazing photos by just using the smart phone. Looks like a camera with close-up lens. All beautiful, but I like the blue flowers against the white fence most.

  4. I recognize some, but the middle one pink with single stamen is unfamiliar. Probably some are indigenous to Australia. The blue one, I call a bachelor button and the rose of course. Waiting to hear the answers.

  5. That second picture, is that a bee in the air? SOOOO COOL!

    1. Yes it is! I didn't now that I had captured it until I posted the photo - the filter I used highlighted the centre of the shot which brought the bee into better focus.

  6. Bachelor Button (blue) and rose. I don't know the others. Lovely photography.

  7. Nice to see flowers, as we're covered in snow at the moment! Like the first two a lot, very nice.

  8. Well I know the last one is a rose, and there is a cornflower. But the others I don't know. I do like the first one, which looks a bit like an alium, but mine are purple, so I am probably wrong.

  9. The first flower is - Valerian
    2nd - Crepe Myrtle
    3rd - Flowering Gum (Summer Beauty)
    4th - cornflower (also known as bachelor button)
    5th - rose (but I forgot to jot down it's name at the time!)

  10. I can't name any, but I love all the colors.


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