Saturday, 13 July 2013

Saturday Snapshot - Canberra

This week we went to Canberra for an international soccer tournament called the Kanga Cup.
My youngest stepson played, my eldest reffed, my husband spent the week as team manager & I socialised on the sidelines.
We all had a ball (ha ha)!!
Unfortunately we didn't make the finals, but the team played well and learnt a lot.
Friday morning, before heading home, we went to the National Gallery to see the Turner exhibition.
Sport, art, lots of laughs and good times (and some shopping!)
A perfect way to spend a week of our winter school holidays.
Parliament House

Outdoor Opening Ceremony - it was freezing!

Some mornings were crisp, cool and sunny...
...and some were miserably cold and foggy.

The Kanga floral tribute greeted all of us as we arrived in Canberra and quickly became a hotspot for group photos.
I took oodles of game shots over the 4 days, but won't bore you with the details.

Hubby & I also watched a few of the games that our eldest reffed.

The National Gallery has interesting displays inside and out.

The wattle was almost in bloom.
Next week it will look stunning.

Lake Burley Griffin was covering in fog until half an hour prior to this photo.
This perspective made me realise how much both boys have grown!

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  1. Looks like you had a nice week even though it was a little chilly. At least you don't have snow. Interesting stuff at the gallery, especially those pears.

  2. Love that sky in the second picture, and the giant pear fountain, and your Angel of the North - is it a copy of the #British one? My Snapshot is

  3. Such interesting photos! The Gallery looks like it has some really cool art.

  4. I am trying to feel that cool, crisp air through the; I can almost feel it! It's HOT here, so the idea of coldness seems appealing.

    Great shots and what fun! Thanks for sharing...and thanks for visiting my blog.

  5. Those are really lovely shots! Looks like everyone had a great family week. And we could use a little of that mist and fog here.

    My sculptural snapshots

  6. I keep forgetting you're having winter there. Looks like you've had some wonderful family events. Thanks for sharing. ;)

    1. The best thing about going somewhere colder than you live for a week, is that coming home now feels rather balmy...not like winter at all!

  7. Love the pictures of the sculptures Some great shots.

    1. Thanks I also enjoyed watching the boys interacting with the sculptures :-)
      The eldest was doing some kind of ninja bird dance in the mirrored cone sculpture - very funny!

  8. Excellent shots. I like the one with the shadow of you and your husband a lot.

    Here's my Saturday Snapshot.

    1. Thanks - we love using social media sites but are concerned about too much exposure re photos. As a result I have gotten very good at putting us in the photos in subtle ways so I can use them for my blogs :-)

  9. Looks like it was a fun and eclectic weekend ... a little sport, a little art, action and quiet relaxation ...

  10. Terrific sky shots and the art gallery looks interesting too. Here's Mine

  11. Wow....great photos.


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