Tuesday, 4 June 2013

The Fast Diet Update #1

I have just completed my third week on the Fast Diet.

Instead of doing the 5:2 fast, I jumped straight to the maintenance phase of 6:1 as I only need to lose a few kilos and 1.5cm from around my waist.

I found fasting from breakfast to breakfast very difficult. The 4pm hunger pangs were simply too much!

So I followed Mimi's advice the following week and went from 3pm to 3pm - much easier!

But the best thing about the Fast Diet is my husband.

I left the book lying around the house in the hope he might be inspired by it.

By the time I had finished my first fast he was asking me questions about it. I then showed him the Easy Diet Diary - Australian Calorie Counter app that I had downloaded for our phones...and he was hooked!

He started scanning items and working out how many calories he consumed in a normal day. He was surprised to see how quickly things added up. And before I knew it, he was declaring that Tuesday would be his fast day!

He booked a doctors appointment, he walked to the local chemist to weigh himself and we spent an evening measuring ourselves according to 'the book'! His results showed that he could lose about 5-6 kilos and 10cm from around his waist to be safely back in the 'normal' range.

We have had discussions about white bread, sugar and exercise for quite some time, the boys have commented (i.e. teased) him about the 'softer' cuddles, but it took the Fast Diet to finally bring about some changes.

And I believe it was the "stay healthy, live longer" sections of the book that proved to be the most motivating.

My husband has now also completed three weeks on the Fast Diet.

We both feel better for it.
Just like Michael & Mimi said, we enjoy seeing how tasty we can make our fast day meals and we are far more conscious on non-fast days of eating well but with smaller portions.

And my husband is now walking instead of driving everywhere.


  1. I've seen a documentary with Michael Moseley about this diet, and read a few newspaper articles of course, but not the actual book. It's an interesting concept. I can certainly see how the 3-3 fast would be easier to manage. This is the version where you can consume 5-600 calories on a fast day isn't it? I reckon I could manage that. I've been on a diet since January, I've been dong Curves Complete, it's fantastic. Basically 1600 calories a day. More than 10,00 steps per day, and working out 4 times per week. It's been my most successful diet ever- I've lost 21 kg! I feel so much better, it is true what they say. I'm glad it's working for you and your husband. My DH hasn't been that interested in taking up my diet, which I somewhat jokingly refer to as leaves and dust. He has been walking with me a lot though.

    1. This 'diet' works for me because it's basically how I've eaten all my life. The book has just encouraged me to be a little more scientific about how I approach my 'fast' days.
      Sounds like you've found one that works well for you too - good luck :-)


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