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Saturday Snapshot 6th April - Bali Flowers

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We have just returned from an amazing 12 day holiday to Bali.
I was sceptical about going to Bali.
In Australia, we hear lots of stories about young, drunken Aussies in Bali (Kuta in particular) looking for cheap alcohol, drugs and girls.
That is not my idea of a good holiday!
Recently a number of friends and relatives have been to Bali - bringing back very different stories - stories that sounded enticing.
So off we went.
We are now Bali converts!
The country is beautiful, the weather tropical and perfect for swimming every day.
The people are friendly, kind and positive about everything.
The food was mostly delicious and plentiful.
Bali was one of the most relaxing, happy and soul-satisfying journeys we had ever been on.
We will be going back!
Today's post highlights the many beautiful flowers in Bali.
I was familiar with lots of them as they also grow in the warmer areas of Australia (like frangipani (kamboja), bougainvillea, marigolds, orchids etc).


Pseuderanthemum reticulatum

Red Tails Amaranthus
Cahaba Lily
Palm Tree (shadow) at Royal Beach Resort, Seminyak

Pagoda flower (detail)

Ginger Lily

Rice Field near Ubud

Lotus Flower (teratai)
Heliconia rostrata.

Potted Bouganvillea (Bungan Kertas) at Villa Semana, Ubud


Crown of Thorns flowers ( Euphorbia milii)
Lantana (bunga kerasi in Balinese)
 Unfortunately, I don't know the names for all of the plants above, but a big part of our trip to Bali involved being amazed by the extraordinary colours and overwhelmed by the profusion of scents.


  1. Bali sounds wonderful to me. I never get tired of looking at beautiful flowers... and a few of them are familiar to me. I planted Lantana a few years ago in the garden but it's an annual where I live and I couldn't find the same variety the next year. That will teach me to take cuttings in for the winter!

  2. So glad you loved Bali; what gorgeous, gorgeous flowers. We have most of them here in California but your photos of them look like they're out of Better, Homes and Gardens!

  3. Wow what beautiful flowers and photographs. Glad you had such a great holiday.

  4. Wow! That's an extraordinary group of photos. Such beautiful flowers. Some of them I know too of course, but I particularly love the cahaba lily, the crown of thorns (much better than the starfish version!), the pagoda and lotus flowers. Wow. I'm glad you enjoyed your Bali holiday, I've never been. It always does look so beautiful.

  5. Wow, what a gorgeous array of flowers! It would be worth it for the floral display alone. It does sound relaxing, too. The place can be what you make it; it's all in what you're doing, isn't it? Glad you enjoyed it.


  6. Glad to hear that you enjoyed sounds and looks wonderful! The flowers are gorgeous, I loved the Lotus and Orchid!!

  7. Such beautiful and exotic flowers. Love the vibrant colors!

    Here is my SATURDAY SNAPSHOT post!

  8. You've captured the beauty of Bali. What wonderful photos. I can imagine the birds there must be out of this world. I don't have bird photos this time, but a memorable encounter.

  9. I have heard such great things about Bali - and from your photos, it looks like paradise!

  10. Beautiful flowers, sounds like a perfect holiday.

  11. Absolutely beautiful! I doubt I will ever get to Bali, it's so far from me...but these are gorgeous, and much appreciated on this very grey Canadian afternoon!

  12. I am soo green-eyed right now! Oh, to be on those recliners in the shade of that palm tree! Lucky you! The flowers are just gorgeous!

  13. Those are all gorgeous! It looks like a perfect place to relax, and perfect for taking photos too!

  14. Stunning. Bali has always been on my bucket-list. Just lovely flowers.

  15. Glad it turned out so well! Lovely flora, thanks for sharing♫ My SS:


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