Saturday, 20 April 2013

Butterfly Park Bali

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I've never been to a butterfly park before, so I have nothing to compare the Bali Butterfly Park Taman Kupu Kupu with. When we first walked in, I thought "uh oh this could be disappointing."
The entrance was devoid of character, information or any kind of pizazz. And when we first went into the park we looked at each other as if to say "where are the butterflies?"

But our quiet wandering proved successful as we realised that there were plenty of butterflies hovering around the ceiling and if we waited long enough, they would fly down to land on flowers for fabulous photo opportunities!


We also spotted a number of dragonflies in the enclosure and I was delighted to snap this close-up.

In the middle of the park was a raised platform showcasing the bizarre and curious insects of Bali.
Below is one that has evolved to look like a leaf.

The biggest stick insects I've ever seen!

The hatching area below.
And a curious insect that has evolved to look like an orchid!


  1. That last shot of the orchid insect is fascinating. Nature is so wonderful!

  2. I love the butterflies landing on people! The orchid insect looks like a kind of praying mantis, and those stick insects look like they belong in Harry Potter. Here's Mine

  3. The collection of them on the person wearing the T-shirt is awesome! And the colors are so amazing.

    Thanks for sharing...and for visiting my blog.

    1. I should have said that the person with butterflies was my husband! We couldn't get over how placid the butterflies were.

  4. These are amazing!! I've never seen such gorgeous butterflies with such unique coloring! I loved how comfortable they are with humans that they land on you without a problem. I've been to a state fair butterfly garden center but it pales in comparison to your Bali butterflies!!! The variety of insects were fascinating to see. Thanks for sharing these!!!

  5. Those insects are so neat looking - especially the one that looks like a leaf! It's been a very long time since I've been to a butterfly exhibit.

  6. What gorgeous butterflies they have in Bali- and such cool insects- I've never seen anything like that orchid one either. I've been to a few butterfly houses now- I love them and visit them whenever I have a chance. The first one we went to was in Auckland, I was wearing quite a floral shirt without even thinking about it. When they landed on me, and lots of them did, they probed my shirt! It was a kind of weird tickling, a rather disquieting sensation actually.

  7. They're so amazing, they don't even look real! Thank you for the dragonfly, Brona!

  8. Oh, your photos are magical. I want to go there! My Snapshot is at

  9. What lovely, lovely close-ups! Simply gorgeous photos!

  10. Amazing pictures -- close-ups of butterflies and other unusual insects are always so fascinating. Here is my SATURDAY SNAPSHOT post.

  11. That is extremely cool. I especially love the butterfly shirt photo!

  12. Amazing leaf insect! Thanks for sharing these, they are all wonderful. My SS:

  13. I love Butterfly Parks and gardens. There is one in Key West we love to visit - always different and beautiful. The leaf and orchid insects are fascinating! Thanks for sharing the wonder of nature.

  14. What a lovely variety of winged beauties! And the other insects are just amazing.


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