Saturday, 6 October 2012

Saturday Snapshot October 6th 2012

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My garden provides me with a lot of satisfaction and solace.
I choose plants that deliver all year round - so that I have things to harvest, smell, and prune throughout the year.
But Spring is one of my favourite seasons.
The winter clean-up now pays dividends.
So much is happening with new growth and blossoms.
The birds, bees and skinks run amok as the days lengthen and warm.
Below is a little sample of what is happening in my garden this week.
My first rose of the year - Simply Marvelous - a cultivar
selected for it's fragrance and ability to grow happily in a pot.
The Port Wine Magnolia is in a pot near the front door to make the most of it's amazing sweet fragrance.
I forget to water it, it's been knocked over by strong winds but it just keeps powering on.
The convolvulous groundcover is in a shaded area of my backyard and has only put out it's first blooms this past week.
The Allium (garlic) is not only good eating, but I love the flowers too.
Geraniums are a little old-fashioned these days, but they're so easy to grow from cuttings, come in so many amazing colours, thrive on minimal watering and this little beauty is a climber that covers up the ugly fenceline we share with our neighbours.
No garden is complete without strawberries!
And you know that summer is on the way when the Marigolds brighten up the garden.
Finally this pic highlights out beautiful stone wall with the Virginia Creeper newly leafed. It has taken four years for it to 'stick' and I'm delighted with the look - it softens the wall and I love how the various stones peep out between the tendrils.


  1. what beautiful flowers you have in your garden! Thank you for sharing :) Book Savvy Babe

  2. I love all these pictures, but especially the third one.
    It's like that flower is yawning to say LOOK AT ME!
    "I am sooooo frigging almost magenta today!"
    Lovely. There is nothing... nothing at all like this, growing out on my 14th floor balcony.

  3. Spring is such a great time to anticipate all the good things to come. It looks like your flowers are coming out gangbusters. The last picture looks like a secret garden photo. Here's Mine

  4. What a glorious garden you have - I love that photo of the allium flower bursting out, My Snapshot is at

  5. These are stunning photos. Your garden is gorgeous!It must be such a treat to look out at all of the beauty you have worked to create!

  6. Oh, what a beautiful garden! I particularly love that quiet birdbath corner withthe Virginia creeper and that gorgeous blue ground cover!

  7. Oh, I love your garden! All the flowers are magnificent; I'm especially drawn to the Port Wine Magnolia...and the bird bath.

    Thanks for sharing...and here's MY SATURDAY SNAPSHOT POST

  8. We both have spring flowers today. I wish mine were in my garden like yours. Your rose looks lovely. And the stone wall. I have a childhood aversion to geraniums, this one doesn't look like my vision though. I've never quite understood the difference between pelargonium and geranium. I think I heap the ones I don't like in geranium, and the ones I do as pelargoniums. This I would call a pelargonium.... That garlic photo is lovely too. Thanks. Cracking post. Sydney in Spring is so lovely.

    1. I also have a love/hate relationship with geraniums. But now that we're renting again, I don't want to spend oodles on plants for the garden - geraniums are so easy to grow from cuttings and I walk the suburbs looking for ones that have stunning colours.

  9. What a treat to see beautiful flowers this morning. It is the beginning of winter here in Wyoming, USA. We have a bit of snow on the rooftops and grass. Flowers are done for the year now. I haven't seen the sun yet this morning, looks like maybe it will stay hidden all day. Thanks for bringing a bright spark of color to my morning.

  10. Those are beautiful! I'll have to remember geraniums; I'm always keeping an eye out for plants that are pretty and do well with minimal care.

  11. Beautiful flowers, so nice to see them blooming. Spring is the best when they all come alive. I bet the birds love that little area with the birdbath, the plants and shelter of the wall.

  12. HOLY MOSES! To me these are so stunning they should be in a gardening book. Just gorgeous.

    1. Thanks Sim, I'm also very happy with the flower taking option on our new camera!

  13. What beautiful flowers. Particularly like the allium and the strawberry photos. Virginia Creepers are turning red where I am.

  14. What beautiful flowers. I think the rose and the magnolia are my favorites.

    Here's my Snapshot.

  15. I didn't always feel so positive about this garden...Edible Garden